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2018/5/22-24 Beijing ISH Exhibition

ISH China & CIHE is Asia’s premier HVAC & Plumbing platform showcases energy efficient technologies and water-saving solutions for comfort and sustainable living. This event is one of the most well-known exhibition platforms under the ISH brand. It has a stellar track record in gathering the world’s leading brands within the HVAC and plumbing industry. ISH China & CIHE also fosters industry development in China - currently the world’s biggest emerging market. ISH China & CIHE is in line with the national green energy policy to establish a professional platform for HVAC manufacturers and distributors. The show offers a unique platform for industry professionals to tap the Chinese market.

We have a good conversation with the engineer of BOSCH,Haier and Vatti.We deeply believe that only by communicating with leaders in the industry can we constantly improve our product competitiveness.156325892290540742.jpg193569683103842289.jpg

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