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Three tips to extend the life of wall-hung boiler

Now the wall-hung gas boiler is becoming more and more widely uesd in many families.As we all know,the boiler is the core equipment of the heating system,many consumers are concerned about its service life.

Some important factors that affect the service life of will hung gas boiler will be introduced.

Water quantity

If the household water hardness is too high, it is easy to produce scale.

As time goes on, the scale will attach to the inner layer of the heat exchanger and the pipe of the sewer, causing the low heat exchange rate or even the damage to the wall-hung boiler.

Internal cleanliness

The hot water in the heating system of wall-hung furnace is always closed and closed, and there is no filter net in the wall-hung gas boiler.In this way,the impurities in the water,radiator and the water pipe will have an adverse effect on the pump and heat exchanger of wall-hung gas boiler.

Maintenance and checking

When the wall heating furnace used two heating seasons, the sound will increased,  

and there was often abnormal noise. The heating of the wall-hung boiler was slower than before. If the above situation occurs, it means that it needs to be maintained.  The maintenance period is once a year or two years, and we must find professional after sales personnel for maintenance or cleaning.




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