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Be vigilant five usage misunderstanding of wall-hung gas boiler

Misunderstanding 1:Turn it off when you don't use it, open it when you use it, so save money?

In the long term service of the wall-hang gas boiler, many people are used to closing it when no one is at home in the daytime. When needed at night, open and turn to the most upscale, so that the heat can be quickly made. In fact, this method is not appropriate, fast heating, not only does not save energy, but it is easy to damage the wall-hang gas boiler and radiator. The correct way to go to work is to adjust its temperature to the minimum, so that it can save energy and do not damage the internal parts.

Misunderstanding 2:The heating mode thoughout whole year.

Generally speaking, there are two types of household wall-hung gas boiler

: heating mode and living hot water mode. In the control panel of wall mounted gas boiler will be winter / Summer (heating / hot water) two selected files, in the winter (heating) stalls, heating and hot water supply can be wall mounted gas boiler, gas boiler can be based on user application in domestic hot water heating and hot water two modes, automatic switch.

Misunderstanding 3:The installation of the wall hanger is unrestricted and be installed in the bedroom

Wall-hung gas boiler  should not be concealed. They must not be installed in bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms. Installation locations must have good ventilation conditions and should be far away from strong electromagnetic radiation appliances such as induction cooker and microwave oven.

Misunderstanding 4:Non cleaning maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance of wall-hung gas boiler can improve the efficiency of heat exchange of the wall-hung gas boiler and reduce the consumption of gas. By comparison, two sets of boiler running under the same conditions, after the boiler cleaning and maintenance after more than about without boiler cleaning and maintenance of heating speed significantly faster 25%, that is to say the boiler after cleaning gas can save about 25% on the basis of the original; if every 1 to 2 years of boiler a cleaning and maintenance equipment, but also to extend the service life of 3 to 5 years.

Misunderstanding 5:Random placement of sundries around the wall-hung gas boiler.

Flammable and explosive articles are not allowed around the wall-hung gas boiler, and the clothes can not be dried on the chimneys, because fire can be caused easily.

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